UPDATED: Flea market vendor stabbed during robbery at Dixie Mall

CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this story stated a jewellery vendor was stabbed. According to a witness, the jewellery vendor was the man assaulted, not stabbed.

Heavily armed tactical officers arrested a suspect at a home near Lakeshore Rd. following a stabbing during a robbery at a south Mississauga flea market which sent one man to hospital Sunday afternoon.
Police dogs were on scene at Dixie Outlet Mall where the victim – a vendor believed to be in his 60s – was stabbed at the Fantastic Flea Market after trying to stop a robbery suspect, according to a witness.
Shoppers on the lower level alerted police around 4 p.m.
“We had several people calling it in,” said Peel Regional Police Const. George Tudos.
The victim was treated by paramedics and taken to a trauma centre with serious injuries.
Another man was assaulted, said Tudos.
Paramedics assessed and released the second victim, a jewellery vendor, as police closed the flea market for their investigation.
Officers were looking for a white male with a knife, while most main level shoppers were oblivious to the incident.
Carlos Martinez of Etobicoke said he saw police and medics outside but didn’t know why they were at the mall.
“That’s crazy,” said Martinez, when told of the stabbing.
“We don’t feel secure anymore,” said Mariocsy Ocando.
Andrea and Daniel Roth of Lakeview said they don’t frequent the mall often but brought their toddler daughter to play on the kids’ rides.
“I’m not really surprised. This isn’t the greatest of malls, and I wouldn’t go into the flea market,” said Andrea Roth.
Daniel Roth said he has been to the lower level, and “I could see a stabbing go down there.”
It’s the second violent incident at the mall within a few days — a jewellery store was robbed at gunpoint last Friday.
The central robbery unit is investigating both cases.
Anyone with information can call (905) 453-2121 ext. 3410 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.

3 thoughts on “UPDATED: Flea market vendor stabbed during robbery at Dixie Mall

  1. “I’m not really surprised. This isn’t the greatest of malls, and I wouldn’t go into the flea market,” “I could see a stabbing go down there,”

    I have shopped at this mall for more than a decade and I have been a vendor in the flea market for the past 4 years (and was present when the incident took place). I don’t agree with the sentiment that the flea market is scary or dangerous. In the 4 years I have been there I can only remember one other incident of violence, a fight related to an attempted theft.

    Sadly, the news has been filled with multiple stabbings in the GTA every week. The overall, continuing decline of respect and concern for others is a problem that is being faced all over the city.

    The incident earlier in the week upstairs in the mall was a robbery. The incident today in the flea market was a robbery. The earlier incident of a fight was the result of an attempted robbery. You do not have to be a seedy place to be robbed. Earlier this week someone was shot during an attempted robbery at a bank near Kipling & Queensway. These kind of events have always taken place and will always take place randomly.


  2. I have no further details to add then to make one correction. It was not the jewellery vendor that was stabbed. He was assaulted during a clumsy grab and run attempt and it was a market employee who scrambled to help that was stabbed.

    The man who was stabbed is an all around great guy. He was in good spirits and vowed to be back next week.


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