Exciting news! Changes to QEW South Post

We’re in south Sauga and they’re dominating Peel Region.
QEW South Post is thrilled to announce a collaboration with insauga and inbrampton.
Their disruptive innovation is challenging the existing media landscape. In other words, Khaled Iwamura and his team are giving the ‘big dogs’ a run for their money.
And we love underdogs; I’ll be wearing many hats to help them grow.
Does this spell the end of QEW South Post?
Not quite, however, we will no longer be publishing daily.
This site will continue running with the help and dedication of superbly talented journalism students.
Look for breaking news and crime coverage over at insauga.com and inbrampton.com and come back to visit once in a while.
Thanks so much for your continued support.
-Kelly Roche

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