Pedestrian safety blitz kicks off Sunday

(Photo: Kelly Roche/QEW South Post/file)
Peel Police are honing in on pedestrian safety beginning Sunday.
“A big part of the message we’re trying to get out is trying to get people aware of their surroundings,” said Const. Rachel Gibbs.
Cue those walking with earbuds, oblivious to traffic.
“If you’re unable to be without your music or your earbuds, at least take one of them out” when crossing the street, said Gibbs.
In 2015, 633 pedestrians were struck by vehicles in Peel Region — 496 people were injured, 268 seriously, with 13 deaths.
Police will be educating pedestrians in areas with high foot-traffic; reducing fatal crashes and serious injuries is the focus of their effort.
The campaign ends Apr. 30.
  • Don’t rely solely on traffic signals or stop signs.  Ensure it’s safe to cross the road.
  • Walk on sidewalks whenever possible.
  • Whenever possible, use a crosswalk and avoid ‘jaywalking’ or crossing the street between vehicles.
  • Parents – ensure you’re aware of your child’s location and activity at all times.  Don’t allow young children to play unsupervised near roadways.
  • After dark, drivers can’t see people in dark clothing until it’s too late. Wear bright clothing, something reflective or turn on a flashlight so drivers will see you.
  • No text, tweet or favourite is worth your life. Keep cell phones in your pocket.

(Source: Peel Regional Police)

-Kelly Roche


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