We’re live!

Four exits lead to the best part of Mississauga, where we walk, roll, sail, cycle, run, and play in Lake Ontario. We take our travel mugs – and dogs – to Jack Darling to watch the sun rise or set.

2015-08-23 sunrise2015-09-01 rye bread ducks2015-09-03 Meicu the dog2015-09-02 Echinacea purpura

We stop and smell the echinacea purpura. Hoard bread for the ducks. Yarn bomb the lighthouse bridge in Port Credit. Sometimes, we hop on the GO train for a 20-minute jaunt to Toronto — if we can find a parking spot.

We scold those who ride through Rattray Marsh thinking no one’s watching. We host festivals, and visitors, often. Tourists are typically in awe of our green space and burgeoning entertainment scene. Gentrification is a reality.

2015-09-02 paradise2015-09-05 old new sunny saturday2015-09-05 pedestrians2015-09-05 cyclist

Welcome to QEW South Post, an independent journalistic venture. You’ll find news, photos, and original content covering all things south, from Clarkson to Lakeview, and occasionally beyond.

We’re aiming to connect, converse and contemplate. Who are our neighbours? Why is the Stavebank/Lakeshore Rds. junction still such a mess? How is that wonderful MiWay driver on Route 23 so consistently jovial? What happened to the Satellite Restaurant?

There are many more questions … we’d love your help asking and finding the answers.

-Kelly Roche

(Photos: Kelly Roche/QEW South Post)

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