Art in the park delights all

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(Photos: Kelly Roche/QEW South Post)


Angela Jordan was out for a stroll with her daughter at the Riverwood Conservancy when they stumbled upon Art in the Park Sunday afternoon.
“I appreciate anything that’s creative,” said Jordan, an avid gardener.
Good thing she brought her wallet — Micheline Montgomery‘s bright display caught Jordan’s eye.
“I love her colours and I love her use of recyclables,” said Jordan, who was attending the event for the first time.
She’ll be back next year.
Amarjit and Daljeet Banwatt of Clarkson were also appreciating the various images and textiles.
“We love art,” said Amarjit Banwatt.
That’s what Annis Karpenko likes to hear.
“It’s a pretty busy, happening place,” said Karpenko, executive director of Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood, where 40 artists and artisans were showcasing their work.
“We try to get a mix of people who are masters of their crafts,” said Karpenko.
Vera Sevelka’s daughters, Vera, 9, and Nella, 4, were mastering their sketching skills as they drew on easels.
“They are really liking it,” said Sevelka, of Etobicoke.
So was mom.
“Being in the park before the weather changes … it was perfect,” she said, smiling.
“We’ve seen some really nice pieces that we might actually purchase.”
People were purchasing watercolours by Clarkson’s Erdmute Gottschling.
“I enjoy making happy faces, making something that gives you a smile,” said Gottschling, referring to a print named the Jolly Pear.
Meanwhile, Joanne Lau was happily displaying her silkscreen cards.
She’s been an artist “my whole life,” and remembers making stamps out of foam, styrofoam plates, and potatoes since childhood.
“That’s definitely translated now,” said Lau, 24.
Julie Lo Tauro was sketching a professional model and offered up easels to adults passing by. Most declined, saying they’d leave it to the professionals.
Lo Tauro said children are far more willing to pick up a pencil.
“They have less intimidation,” she said.
Regardless of age, Mayor Bonnie Crombie said the city’s art scene is on fire.
“We are bursting with talent,” said Crombie.

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