Pause for Paws: Meet Finn

2015-11-06 Meet Finn

Name: Finn.

‘Hood: Lorne Park.

Breed: Labrador cross.

Preferred route(s): East on Indian Rd. to Mississauga Rd.

Nickname: “My kids call him different names but nothing that sticks,” said owner, Waylon.

Sleeps: “He’s crated, sort of in our family room area.”

Tricks: “He’s still a puppy, so he can sit.” Finn plays catch “but he has a very short attention span.”

Toys: Tennis balls, rubber squeaky toys, and “we recently got this antler thing that he loves to chew on.”

Introvert/extrovert: Extrovert, “like his owners. He’s very social. He likes meeting other dogs.”

Plastic or stainless steel: Stainless steel.

Fun fact: Finn is a (seven-month-old) rescue pup from a litter of nine near James Bay. Waylon grew up in northern Ontario “in a Native community, and I understand the issue with stray dogs … I’m glad we were able to do our part to help out.”

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