Pause for Paws: Meet Molly

2015-12-24 Pause for Paws Meet Molly

Name: Molly.

‘Hood: 10 & Eglinton.

Breed: English golden retriever.

Preferred route(s): Port Credit marina.

Nickname: None.

Sleeps: “Wherever she likes. She has her bed, she has her crate,” said owner, Linda.

Tricks: “She can sit, she can ‘give paw,’ she lies down, she knows the ‘stay’ command.”

Toys: Six toys and she loves raw carrots.

Introvert/extrovert: Extrovert.

Plastic or stainless steel: Ceramic.

Fun fact: Molly is eight-months-old and has never chewed shoes or furniture. “She’s a perfect dog.”


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