‘Saturday mini-vacation’ at the Port Credit Farmers’ Market


Vanessa Bride is all about the Port Credit Farmers’ Market opening for the season.

“It’s a nice little Saturday mini-vacation,” said Bride, a Port Credit resident.
With coffee and live music, “you can pretend you’re in Europe,” she said.
Bride was there early with her mom and grandma, then came back “to get some tomato plants.”
Plants were aplenty but strawberries, not so.
John Morgan from Thames River Melons kept explaining to customers he’d run out.
“We’ll have a lot more next week,” said Morgan.
“We’ll start seeing zucchini, tomatoes, corn within the next month.”
Rebekah Harrison snagged whatever was in stock: asparagus, garlic, potatoes.
“We try to come to pick up vegetables,” said Harrison, adding corn is her favourite.
Peameal bacon from Hank’s Franks is a breakfast hit for many, said Port Credit BIA market manager Beatrice Moreira-Laidlow.
The market is in its seventh season, drawing roughly 700 visitors each weekend.

“Today, I would say we had 400 to 500,” said Moreira-Laidlow.
“It’s a community gathering place.”

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