Clean out your shed, garage, or basement!

Picture 8

(Photo: Kelly Roche/QEW South Post)

Residents can toss as much junk as desired over the next 11 days to make room for the new waste collection carts. Garbage tags aren’t required during this exemption period.

Here’s Peel Region’s (alphabetical) delivery schedule:

Brampton: Sept. 14-Oct. 22
Caledon: Oct. 16-Oct. 28
Mississauga: Oct. 21-Dec. 5

But don’t put the carts at the curb until the week of January 4, 2016. That’s when garbage and organics will be picked up one week, with recycling and organics collected the following week. Yard waste collection won’t be affected.

Visit for detailed information.

-Kelly Roche


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