Lakeshore Rd. study underway by city — will there be crosswalks?

2015-10-08 seneca fatal

(Photo: Kelly Roche/QEW South Post/file)

Updated Oct. 24
The Lakeshore Rd. corridor is being studied by the city, and two sets of traffic lights will be installed in Lakeview and Port Credit once construction of commercial and residential development has been completed, says the area councillor.
“We’ll be looking forward to making far more safety improvements and transit improvements on Lakeshore as we go through this study,” said Ward 1 Coun. Jim Tovey.
Two pedestrians have been killed this month – 14 days apart – between a 900 metre stretch along the strip, east of Hurontario St.
A 56-year-old man, Tim Syrowy, died Oct. 22 after he was struck by a car on Lakeshore Rd. E. and Hampton Cr.
The intersection falls between Shaw Dr. and Cawthra Rd. — both of which have traffic lights. But it’s a wide gap for people looking to simply cross Lakeshore.
Most pedestrians jaywalk, said several business owners polled in the area Friday. They all said traffic is problematic with lane reductions and ongoing construction.
Nataliya Mashchenko, 46, was killed while crossing Seneca Ave., just north of Lakeshore Rd. E. on Oct. 8. She lived nearby.
Residents there complained of a lack of crosswalks.
“We encourage people to use stoplights rather than try and run across the road,” said Tovey.
The Walmart complex at Enola Ave. and Lakeshore Rd. E. will have a new traffic light, as well as the townhouse development at Hampton Cr. and Lakeshore Rd. E., however, it won’t be anytime soon.
Walmart is opening in fall 2016, according to the developer’s website.
Growth in south Mississauga and neighbouring areas, current and future transportation demand, network connections for linkages at key locations, options to address congestion on the QEW, possible additional crossings of the Credit River, and more will be addressed in the study.
“The biggest problem with Lakeshore is, well, the capacity,” said Tovey.
Residents will be asked for their input and feedback within the next couple of months, said Tovey.
The final master plan will be brought to council for approval in late 2017.

One thought on “Lakeshore Rd. study underway by city — will there be crosswalks?

  1. Its about time they addressed this issure it only took losing too lives for the city to step in and do some thing about this the traffic has been a problem even when admiral TV was there and inglis was there in the early 6Os & the 70s I have lived in Port Credit. all my life it was always a problems the sad part is 2 people have lost there life. I think that they need to put the stop lights there as soon as possible.


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