Fiscally conservative? Prove it. Weigh in on the 2016 city budget

Quicker snow clearing, two new express bus routes and improved transit frequency, or extended library hours. Those are some of the impacts felt when residents take part in the city of Mississauga’s 2016 budget.

The city’s annual operating budget is around $700 million, and of that, an estimated $412 million came from property taxes in 2015.  A 1 per cent change to the total proposed budget equals about $23 per year on an average single family detached home.

Here are more examples of how you can effect change by participating:

  • An increase of 1,500 additional fire programs
  • Up to 26 buses more buses on the road
  • Capacity for 4,500 registrants to recreation programs
  • 5 per cent increase in park maintenance
  • More literacy programs
  • Expanded road safety initiatives
  • Increase in up to 7 officers to regulate vehicle industry
  • Additional mobile security patrol unit for buildings, parks and transit facilities
  • 16 additional days of winter programming at Celebration Square

Budget committee begins deliberations on the 2016 proposed business plan and budget starting November 23. The proposal details what will happen with city services in 2016 and how they will be financed. It will be posted online November 17.

Deliberations are scheduled to continue November 24 and 30, and December 1 and 2.

Here’s how to participate:

To learn more:

Check the council and committee calendar listings for updated information.

-Kelly Roche


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