MiWay fuelled by $16.3M from Ontario’s $333M gas tax fund

2015-11-12 MiWay Route 14 in Nov

(Photo: Kelly Roche/QEW South Post)

The city of Mississauga is receiving $16.3 million from the province this year for transit.
Overall, the Ontario government is providing $332.9 million in gas tax funding to 95 municipalities to expand and improve public transit — an increase of $11.4 million from 2014.
“Year over year, this permanent funding program helps improve and expand our public transit systems,” said transportation minister Steven Del Duca.
The city held its first transportation summit on Nov. 9, where the creation of walkable environments was discussed by speakers, including U.S. transportation expert Samuel Schwartz.

“Just using transit burns about 20 per cent more calories than driving,” Schwartz told the QEW South Post. One in 10 residents in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga has diabetes, according to Peel Region’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Eileen de Villa, and we’re on pace to increase to one in six by 2025.

Statistics such as population and ridership determine how the gas tax revenue is distributed. Mississauga has an estimated 753,000 residents.
Customers board a MiWay bus more than 52 million times per year, according to the city’s communications department, and MiWay is expecting more than 36 million revenue rides in 2015.
Ontario shares two cents per litre of provincial gas tax revenues with municipalities, which use the funding to enhance accessibility, buy more vehicles, add routes and extend hours of service, making it easier for residents to use public transit.

Every $100 million of public infrastructure investment in Ontario boosts GDP by $114 million, particularly in construction and manufacturing sectors, according to the province.

Brampton: $10.1M
Burlington: $2.1M
Durham: $8.3M
Hamilton: $10.7M
Toronto: $169M
Oakville: $2.4M
(Source: Ministry of Transportation)

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