SIU clears Peel Police in death of man, 26, on Enfield Dr.

(Screenshot: Special Investigations Unit)
(Screenshot: Special Investigations Unit)

Two Peel Police officers have been cleared by the province’s Special Investigations Unit in the death of a suicidal man in City Centre.

“There is no question that the man’s final act was intentional,” SIU director Tony Loparco said in a statement released Friday.
“There is also no question of the officers being in any way responsible for the death in what they did or failed to do.”
Police responded to a distress call at 208 Enfield Dr. around 7:15 a.m. on June 2, 2015, with a report of a man on the roof.
The 26-year-old man was on the outside ledge of a glass partition around the building’s edge.
Officers motioned and urged the man to return inside.
The man stepped off the ledge as a security guard was opening a door to the outside portion of the roof.
He was pronounced dead.
“The security guard, present at the time on the rooftop, and a pedestrian at ground level who witnessed the incident, each indicate that the man was alone on the railing when he stepped from the building,” said Loparco.
The SIU invokes its mandate in cases involving police and civilian death, serious injury, or allegations of sexual assault.
-Kelly Roche

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