Need a job? Statistics Canada has 35,000 openings

(Screenshot: Statistics Canada)
(Screenshot: Statistics Canada)

Statistics Canada is still filling 35,000 jobs across Canada for the 2016 Census.

The first round of hiring took place last month, and thousands of openings remain vacant.
This marks the first Census in a decade to feature a mandatory long-form questionnaire.
In 2010, the Conservative government announced it was replacing the mandatory long-form in the 2011 Census with a voluntary National Household Survey due to privacy concerns, drawing ire from scientists, researchers, analysts and all levels of government, which rely on the data for a variety of reasons.
The Liberals reinstated the long-form a day after winning the Oct. 2015 federal election. Statistics Canada will hire 25,000 enumerators, 4,000 crew leaders and crew leader assistants nationwide, from March to July 2016.
In addition, 6,000 positions, including field operation supervisory assistants and collection support unit operators, will be filled.
Pay ranges from $16.31 to $19.91 an hour.
Applicants must be at least 18-years-old and eligible to work in Canada.
Click here to apply.
Statistics Canada will send census letters and packages to all Canadian households starting May 2.
-Kelly Roche

16 thoughts on “Need a job? Statistics Canada has 35,000 openings

    1. My mom just called and did the test for the supervisor position. I think they are doing them first and next will do the normal positions. I have still not got a response either. I would not worried.


  1. Tried 6 times to complete application, would not let me enter postal code, and could not continue further without postal code. Typical frustrating government form!


    1. weird; worked fine for me. I noticed that you DON’T put a space in, the form will do that for you – perhaps that is why you’re having trouble. Try again and just type the six characters without the space.


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