Graydon students need your vote in bid to tackle microbeads in water

(Screenshot: YouTube)
(Screenshot: YouTube)

South Mississauga high school students are representing the only Ontario school in the final round of Samsung Canada’s Solve for Tomorrow Challenge.

As one of 11 contenders, Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School is receiving a $20,000 technology grant from Samsung and now has the chance to win one of two $50,000 grand prizes.
Students had to create videos outlining how their contributions would benefit their local communities.
Graydon students are focusing on microbeads in everyday products, such as toothpaste, foam, soap, and cream and the effect on local and national bodies of water, including Lake Ontario.
The federal government is currently drafting regulations to ban beads smaller than two millimetres due to the plastic buildup and impact on wildlife and humans.
By researching and building a sewage half-pipe model, Graydon students have potentially found a way to release microbeads into a collection bin and prevent the beads from entering waterways.
The Graydon students are hoping to win the contest and receive $50,000 in technology for their school.
Voting runs until April 18, with the winners announced April 25.
-Kelly Roche

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