Toronto man charged in human trafficking case involving teens

Stephen McGann, 20, is seen in this Toronto Police handout.
Stephen McGann, 20, is seen in this Toronto Police handout.


A 20-year-old Toronto man is facing 15 charges in relation to a human trafficking investigation involving two young women and a Mississauga motel.
Toronto Police allege the man met a girl, 17, in 2015 through Instagram, and they came face to face roughly two weeks ago.
The suspect allegedly told the victim she could earn a lot of money working for him in the sex trade.
The man took the girl to a hotel in Mississauga, where he photographed her “in certain stages of undress and posted them on, advertising for sexual services,” according to police.
The man arranged meetings with johns, controlling all communications with customers via text messages, telling the girl which services were to be provided and how much to charge.
All the money was turned over to the man, police say, and the girl then introduced her 18-year-old friend to the man.
The woman was also convinced to work for him in the sex trade.
The suspect took the woman and the girl to a motel in Mississauga and introduced them to another man.
Both men photographed the victims and posted their images and sexual services on
Police are still looking for the other suspect.
Stephen McGann was arrested Oct. 15 and charged with: trafficking in persons under eighteen years by recruiting; financial/material benefit/trafficking person under 18 years; material benefit from sexual services provided by person under 18 years; procuring/person under 18 years; procuring/exercising control over person under 18; advertising another person’s sexual services; print/publish/possess to publish child pornography; import/sell/distribute, etc. child pornography; unlawfully possess child pornography; trafficking in persons by exercising control, etc.; financial/material benefit/trafficking person over 18; material benefit from sexual services; procuring/recruit person to provide sexual services for consideration; procuring/exercising control; advertising another person’s sexual services.
Investigators are concerned there may be other victims.
Anyone with information is asked to phone 416-808-7474 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-8477.

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