Mississauga man eyeing early retirement after $2M lotto win

Mississauga's Smiljan Bodulovic is $2 million richer after winning an Ontario 49 draw. (Photo: OLG)
Mississauga’s Smiljan Bodulovic is $2 million richer after winning an Ontario 49 draw. (Photo: OLG)


Smiljan Bodulovic isn’t one to play a quick pick — the Mississauga resident has $2 million reasons why.
He knew there was only one jackpot winner, “and it was me,” Bodulovic said while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto where he received a cheque after winning the Nov. 23 Ontario 49 jackpot.
Bodulovic says he always picks his own numbers and found out about his big win the morning after the draw.
“I decided to check the numbers on OLG.ca,” he said, realizing the numbers looked familiar.
“I got my ticket out and the numbers matched up. I didn’t get too excited because I wanted to be sure,” said Bodulovic.
He drove to the store “and scanned my ticket in the ticket checker. I was so happy.”
On his way to the Prize Centre, Bodulovic says he asked his wife to meet him at the Eaton Centre during her lunch break.
When he showed her the winning ticket, “she was shocked and started trembling. I wanted to share that moment with my wife because she always supports me,” he said.
Bodulovic says he’s always dreamed of early retirement.
“This prize is definitely going to help with that,” he said.
“We won’t be leaving our jobs right away but we plan to enjoy our time as a family. We might go away more often.”
With Christmas approaching, a warm destination is in sight.
“I’m also an avid cyclist and this win will allow me to enjoy my hobby more,” said Bodulovic.
Maybe even take time off and experience the Tour de France. A portion of my win will also be put aside for my son’s education. There are so many possibilities.”
The winning ticket was purchased at L.E. Lottery on Lakeshore Blvd. in Toronto.

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