Halloween fun: Creepy – or cool? – places to visit in Canada


(Photo: Kelly Roche/QEW South Post)

Pondering a road trip this weekend? Here is a list of places to inspire your spooktacular adventure:

Axe Point
Blackwater, Bloodvein, Bone Creek, Bone Town, Burnt Arm, Burnt Church, Burnt Head, Burnt Hill,Butchers
Coffin Cove, Coffin Point
Dead Creek, Dead Islands, Deadman’s Bay, Deadmans Cove, Deadmans Harbour, Deadtree Point, Deception Lake, Destruction Bay, Devil’s Gate, Devils Island, Devils Kitchen, Dragon
Ghost Lake, Ghost Pine Creek, Ghost River, Giants Glen, Goblin, Gore, Gore Bay, Grave Flats
Hatchet Cove, Hatchet Harbour, Hatchet Lake, Hells Gate, Hidden Valley, Hitchcock
Isle aux Morts
La Corne, Lac-au-Sorcier, Lac-des-Eaux-Mortes, L’Anse-au-Diable, Legend, L’Île-aux-Chats, L’Île-aux-Fantômes, L’Île-Enchanteresse, Lonely Lake, Lost River
Magic Lake Estates, Moonbeam, Moonstone, Mouse Island, Mystic
Owl Creek, Owl River, Owls Head Harbour
Passes-Dangereuses, Peekaboo Point, Phantom Beach, Pirate Harbour, Point au Mal, Point Enragée, Poison Creek, Pumpkin Point
Rapides-du-Diable, Rat Rapids, Rat River, Rivière-au-Tonnerre, Rivière-du-Loup, Rivière-Windigo, Ruisseau-Noir
Salem, Serpent River, Shadow Lake, Skull Creek, Sleepy Hollow, Sleepy Hollow Road Trailer Park, Snake Creek, Snake Falls, Snake River, Spirit Lake, Spirit River
Wick, Wolf, Wolf Creek, Woods, Wreck Cove

(Source: Statistics Canada)



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