Mississaugans relax, run, ride, stroll on balmy Christmas Eve


Cecilia Hartl waits until the “very last few days” before Christmas to finish her shopping.
“You get better pricing, better deals,” said Hartl, who tries to “avoid the malls” and buy from smaller stores.
Hartl had checked shopping off of her list by early Thursday afternoon.
That’s when George Thrasher was “just about finished. I’m just going to get a lottery ticket,” said Thrasher.
He was shaking his head at last-minute shoppers who were cramming the malls.
“I think it’s typical,” Thrasher said.
“I had mine done awhile ago.”
So did Craig Johnson.
“About a week ago,” he said, adding all gifts were ready to go.
Johnson finished work and was “running around with the family” Christmas Eve.
Shoppers were running in and out of Battaglia’s Marketplace in Lorne Park, stocking up on everything from meat to orange juice.
Many others were trading retail for nature, cycling and leisurely walking their dogs by Lake Ontario.
“Who would ever think it’s Christmas Eve?,” asked Larry Doyle.
He said he would like to see snow on the ground.
“Not a lot, not 12 inches, but just a covering. It’s tradition, isn’t it?”
Two people were paddle-boarding in Port Credit, where a female Canada Post employee was zipping around in a skort.
Temperatures were abnormally mild, holding steady at 12 C, according to Environment Canada. The highest temperature record was broken at 4:30 a.m. with a high of 15.4 C, shattering 1964’s previous high of 12.2 C.
The overnight low is 3C with Christmas Day seeing a predicted high of 7C.

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