Maple Magic returns to the Bradley Museum Feb. 28

(Screenshot: City of Mississauga)
(Screenshot: City of Mississauga)

Search for Sasquatch or ride a unicorn, then drown your eats in sugar — Mississauga’s maple syrup festival begins Feb. 28 at the Bradley Museum in Clarkson.

The annual event celebrating the maple harvest is featuring a new theme each week. Here’s the schedule:
  • Feb. 28 – Welcome to Maple Magic
  • Mar. 6 – Do you want to be a Lumber Jack?
  • Mar. 13 – Walking the Land – Celebrating First Nations
  • Mar. 20 – Snow Day
  • Mar. 27 – Happy Easter
  • Apr. 3 – Everything Canadiana – Celebrating Canada 150
The event runs from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. at 1620 Orr Rd. in Clarkson.

Cost (excluding tax):
Children: $6.24

Adult: $7.80
Family: $19.50

Call 905-615-4860 for more information.

-Kelly Roche

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