Spelling success in Port Credit

Maggie Costa is a successful Mississauga businesswoman in a field some may consider unconventional.

The 39-year-old owns a Lakeshore Rd. E. shop in Port Credit offering assorted items for spiritualists.
“People have always sought me out for help,” said Costa.
Some might call it witchcraft, others magic.
But she definitely bars bad spirits from crossing past the threshold of her shop.
Costa said friends insisted she open a store offering spiritual items and advice, and four years later Spiritual Emporium is continuing to thrive.
Nicholas Scott, 20, is a customer.
“I have many friends there now,” Scott said.
He said he’s always learning something new when he visits.
“Maggie told me if you blow on a knot three times it’ll always open,” Scott said.
The shop attracts certain people and they’re usually those who are genuinely interested in magic and spirituality, he said.
The store offers meditation circles, full moon and new moon spells, empowering workshops, group readings, and basic Wiccan or witchcraft workshops.

Spiritual Emporium is absolutely not associated with black magic, Costa said.
“Every time you do darkness it will come back to you,” said Costa, when speaking with a woman who came in with a red ‘doom candle.’
Costa said she held onto the candle to keep the woman out of trouble.
“Once you change someone’s free will, it’s considered black magic,” Costa said.
Wiccans follow a strict ‘harm none’ rule.


Costa said the property manager initially worried about the success of the shop, concerned that it’s in a predominantly Roman Catholic and Jewish area, fearing that someone would throw a brick through the window.
If she thought she didn’t feel welcome she wouldn’t stay, Costa said.
She started with a one-year lease and never looked back.
Friend Helen Peacock rents space in the shop for medium services.
They were destined to meet, Peacock said.
Many people visit and chit-chat for hours and Costa forgets she is running a business, Peacock said.
“That’s how Maggie is,” she said.
Above all, Costa said she offers support.
“Some people just need words of encouragement,” said Costa.
She’s planning to expand Spiritual Emporium into a retreat centre where she can teach others the same tools and techniques that helped her in life.

One thought on “Spelling success in Port Credit

  1. …But in the pictures there’s black magic candles .. DUME/DESTRUCTION … BREAK-UP… CONTROLLING haha, pretty sure that’s against free will. What a joke.


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