Heat warning issued for Peel, Halton

A heat warning is in effect for Peel and Halton Regions, Environment Canada announced Tuesday.
Temperatures are nearing 31 C Wednesday and Thursday, while overnight lows hover around 20 C, meaning there’s little relief for those looking to cool off.
The Region of Peel’s Medical Officer of Health is also issuing a heat warning.

Heat-related illnesses happen when someone’s body temperature quickly rises and they’re unable to cool themselves and “increases with the amount of time spent in the heat, the temperature and an individual’s sensitivity to heat,” reads an online statement.
“Although an increase in the number of hot days is dangerous, it is the combination of heat during the daytime and nighttime that causes significant increases in heat-related morbidity and mortality. This is because there is no break from the heat which is important for allowing the body to cool off.”
The Region’s top doctor is advising residents avoid being outdoors between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., when UV radiation is strong.
Anyone who’s feeling faint, having difficulty breathing or feeling confused and disoriented because of the heat is asked to phone a doctor or call 911 in an emergency.
In addition, residents are reminded to check on family, friends and neighbours, especially seniors who live on their own, during the heat wave.
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