New video chronicles Mississauga’s first 10,000 years

(Screenshot: YouTube/Heritage Mississauga)
(Screenshot: YouTube/Heritage Mississauga)


From trading on the Credit to commerce in Summerville, Mississauga’s early beginnings are being chronicled in a 20-minute video created by Heritage Mississauga.
“This video celebrates the vibrant history of Mississauga, ranging from the ice age, the First Peoples, the early settlement period, and through the formative years of our city,” said historian Matthew Wilkinson.
Taking viewers “across thousands of years of history” while celebrating “the unique story of Mississauga” the goal is to bring alive the history and heritage of the city through stories told by people with a strong link to the city.
The video moves between historical facts and photos as characters – ranging from a Métis Elder to an early European settler – act out the story.
Visitors and residents alike, he said, will learn something new about the city of many villages.

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