Festive RIDE results in 215 charges across Peel

Roughly 33, 011 vehicles were stopped during the annual Festive RIDE campaign, police announced on Friday, Jan. 6, 2017. (Photo: Peel Regional Police/file)


More than 400 drinking drivers were caught in Peel Region during the 2016 Festive RIDE campaign, police announced Friday.
It’s “concerning that the number of persons charged is this high during a six-week period,” said road safety services Insp. Paul Pogue.

Charges are down slightly from 2015, when 233 people were charged.
The statistics signify a need to continue Festive RIDE, Pogue added, in addition to running other blitzes.
Festive RIDE ran from Nov. 19, 2016  to Jan. 2.
In total, 33,011 vehicles were stopped with 215 people charged — four of them were allegedly using drugs while driving.
Another 208 drivers blew a warn, meaning they were slightly under the legal limit.
They were issued suspensions ranging from three to 30 days.


Mississauga: 113

Brampton: 102

Approximately 69 per cent of those charged were between the ages of 21 and 40-years-old.
Of the 69 per cent, 121 were males and 30 were women, say police.


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