Happy 50th, Clarkson library!

2015-09-28-stacked books

It began in 1919 on the second floor of a Clarkson Rd. N. shop, and is now one of the top ranked branches for literacy initiatives in the city.

Clarkson library is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 3. The event highlights the library’s move into the Park Royal community in 1965.

A ceremony will be held at 11 a.m. with Mayor Bonnie Crombie, Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras, and more notable guests.

Several fun, family-friendly activities and programs for all ages will run from noon until 2 p.m.

The event, at 2475 Truscott Dr., coincides with Canadian Library Month.

Quick Facts:

  • Clarkson is one of the smallest libraries in the Mississauga Library System but consistently ranks in the top five for Reading Club registrations, promoting literacy and engaging kids to read for fun all summer long.
  • It’s a small library attracting families, youth, adults, seniors, and newcomers.

(Source: City of Mississauga)

-Kelly Roche


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